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Back in Action

2008-04-06 18:29:44 by InariPlex

Lol, through all the college apps and returns, I promise I haven't stopped composing music; the process has just slowed down. I have a lot of unfinished songs, but I began today with a new take on an old song: Influenced by Rain 2.5. So, this post is just to let you guys who care know that I'm kinda busy but I still compose, and will still update this periodically, if not frequently.


2007-12-19 23:02:41 by InariPlex

Finally, getting around to start posting more songs up here!
First off, I guess I'd like to thank ParagonX9. Without her I wouldn'tve gotten my new software, and woudlnt've been inspired to actually post some of my music online.

I guess this post was just to thank her, and to let the world know that I'm not inactive, or whoever cares, at least.

Anyways...yeah. I'll try to post more songs later!