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2007-12-19 23:02:41 by InariPlex

Finally, getting around to start posting more songs up here!
First off, I guess I'd like to thank ParagonX9. Without her I wouldn'tve gotten my new software, and woudlnt've been inspired to actually post some of my music online.

I guess this post was just to thank her, and to let the world know that I'm not inactive, or whoever cares, at least.

Anyways...yeah. I'll try to post more songs later!


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2007-12-20 15:54:02

Brilliant songs, you've done an excellent job with both of them. They'd have a higher rating but as you know the ass holes on newgrounds give everything a low score so they can look "hard core." I can't wait to see, rather hear, more of your work. Just one question, what software do you use and where can I get it?

InariPlex responds:

I use Reason 3.0....but I think Reason 4.0's out, so you can get that one.
I'm not suer where you can get it...I assume you can download it.